Posted by: amechad1 | June 3, 2010

Gentiles and the Torah

I am studying thru this subject (again) and have found a wonderful blog entry at First Fruits of Zion:

Gentiles and Torah

Posted by: amechad1 | May 27, 2010

The purpose of Am Echad

G-d is calling His people back to unity in HIM.  Unity does NOT mean uniformity – all the organs and limbs of the body are made up of different parts that perform different functions.  However, for the body to function as designed, all of the parts must do their “jobs” and work together.  Please join with me in encouraging greater unity in the Body of Messiah!

Posted by: amechad1 | May 27, 2010

Unity does NOT mean Uniformity!

Being united does not mean being the same.  All the parts of your body are different from one another, and yet they function together.  Each does what it was created to do and allows the other parts do the same.  It’s the like that with any complex organism or piece of technology.  Each piece has a SPECIFIC design and MUST function in relation to all the other parts for the whole to fulfill it’s purpose.  Each of us was created for a specific purpose in G-d’s design.  (Rom 12:4-8)

Be the best YOU that you can be – fan the flames of your gifts (2 Tim 1:6b) and do the same for others – encourage them to be their best.  Together, we can shine G-d light in this dark world and show others the Way.

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