Posted by: amechad1 | July 23, 2010


Why do you do what you do?

Why do you get up in the morning? Is it because you have to survive thru another day? Do enough to get by, so you can get up tomorrow and do it all again? So you can make it to Friday and have a great time all weekend? So you can pay the bills? Isn’t there more to this life than mere survival? More than recreation? More than pleasing ourselves?

Why worship G-d? Why pray? Why read your Bible? Why resist the urge to sin? Is it out of fear? Fear of punishment or disapproval? Fear of hell’s fire? Is that why we serve the L-rd? Is it why we share the Gospel of Y’shua/Jesus? To save our family an friends from hell? If so, my friend, you are completely missing the point! While we DO want to save people from punishment, it shouldn’t be our main motivator.

Why do you serve people? Why help the hurting and bind up the wounded? Why comfort the mourning? Is it because it’s our duty? Because G-d says we have to? NO!

If you are a child of G-d, He has created you, called you and enabled you to work WITH HIM to bring His holiness into a broken and hurting world. He has called YOU to be a light – to shine in the darkness. He has called YOU to be His feet as you go where help is needed. He has called YOU to be His hands – to bandage the wounded, carry the load, to hug the mourning and comfort them as He has comforted you.

G-d can and does do miracles in this world…but those are rare and awesome occurrences. Most of the time, He uses His Body that already exists here to accomplish His purposes. That means He uses PEOPLE – you and me – to be His partners. Does that mean we should all quit our jobs and run off to the mission field or the orphanage? Not necessarily. If G-d is calling you to a special service, you will KNOW and there will be no mistaking it! But most of us are called to be serving right where we are – among our friends, neighbors and co-workers.

What good is salt if it’s all in the same bite of the casserole? Or light, if it is only in one corner of the room? Salt and light both need to be diffused to be truly useful. We need to be out there “in the mix” to do our “preservative” thing.

You may think your job has nothing to do with serving others – and you may be right! BUT, what about the effect you have on your co-workers and customers? What about the kind words spoken to a hurting friend in the lunchroom or smile and good attitude that was able to calm a tense situation? Those are all small ways of serving as salt and light right where you are.

G-d is asking YOU to serve as His partner to help bring His holiness and love to a wounded, broken and dying world…one small action at a time. Are you up to the task? Are you willing to be a partner in G-d’s plans for this world? He wants us to be full participants in what He is doing. Rise to the challenge and serve Him TODAY – right where you are!

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